A Journey Toward Wholeheartedness

Join us for a 4-week journey toward wholeheartedness.
Watch the videos below and follow the study guide on your own or in one of our communities (house churches & small groups).


Week 4 - Open Hearts

This last step in our “wholeheartedness” journey, is really just the beginning. As it turns out, living wholeheartedly leads us to a lifetime of discovery and practices that invite us to remember who we are as humans living in loving connection with God and others.


As we continue this journey toward wholeheartedness, we may begin to notice that there are things that compete for our capacity to love God with our whole heart, and to love others as a reflection of his love for us. In the Old Testament, the chief competitors for love and worship of Yahweh (God’s personal name in the Bible) were the gods and idols worshipped by the nations around them. While we don’t often face the temptation to worship statues today, the appeal to find meaning or security in things that compete for our devotion is ever present. In this sense the Apostle Paul refers to greed as “idolatry.” As it turns out, just about anything can become an idol, when we seek those things in and of themselves. In the end, these idols, have a way of dividing our hearts—leaving us less than wholehearted.

Week 2 - “Splintered” Hearts

Last week we laid the biblical foundation for wholehearted living. God is inviting us to live "tom" lives, of integrity, goodness, health, and wholeness. The process is simple--love God with our whole heart, and love others as a reflection of his goodness and character. Do this constantly, daily. Live with an awareness of God's goodness all around, fulfilling his mandate to fill the earth with good things. In a word, "wholeheartedness" is about connection. Connection to God, reflected in our connection to the world around us.
But something went wrong. Sin entered the world. Sin, in a word, is about disconnection. Disconnection from God that results in unhealthy connections to the world around us.
Sin is a condition of our entire reality—body, soul, and spirit. And if that weren’t enough, the cumulative effects of sin on our hearts and the hearts of others further our decent into disconnection.
The next step in our journey toward wholeheartedness, is about acknowledging this reality.

Week 1 - Connected Hearts

What is wholeheartedness? Take the first step with us on this journey toward wholeheartedness. In week 1, we’ll explore the biblical vision for humanity, and God’s intent for a life of connection.